Herbal Rosehip Hair Oil


Have you been looking for a hair oil that doesn't leave your hair looking greasy? 

This hair oil containing rosehip oil and Lapland's wildherbs effectively nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes your hair. The oils in the product have been chosen to be absorbed into the hair as easily as possible, which means that you can leave it in your hair if you wish and let the herbs contained in the oil nourish and strengthen them. The oil also helps with dry and flaky scalp. 

The herbs for this product have been selected especially for hair care, field bark and birch pitch leaf, as well as scalp care dandelion. 

Clears your hair easily! 

Vegan, water-free and additive-free. 

Store the product below +25 degrees, protected from the sun.

35.90 €

INCI: persea gratissima oil, vitis vinifera, rosa canina seed oil, simmondsia chinensis, equisetum arvense, taraxacum officinale, betula alba, pelargoni graveolens† oil, dalbergia sissoo wood† oil & cymbopogon flexuosus† oil, mentha piperitat† oil;

† 100 % essential oil