Balmi 25 ml

The balm has been made into a very protective and moisturizing cream at the same time. Thanks to the beeswax produced in Lapland, a thin breathable film remains on the surface of the skin, which protects against frost in winter and the sun in summer. The product does not have UV protection, but based on user experience, it has been helpful in protecting against burns. Can also be used as an after sun cream. When used under makeup, the foundation spreads more easily. Only high-quality oils, Lapland's wild herbs and bees wax are used in the balm. The herbs that nourish the skin include stinging nettle, common horsetail and dandelion. Oils have been used, e.g. jojoba, tamanu, and sunflower oil. 

Worth trying!! 

Water-free and additive-free 

Store the product below +25 degrees, protected from the sun.

24.90 €

Inci: prunus amygdalus dulcis, vitis vinifera, bees wax, simmondsia chinensis, camelia oleifera, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, calendula officinalis, helianthus annuus seed oil, urtica dioica, equisetum arvense, taraxacum officinale & pelargoni graveolens† oil;

† 100 % essential oil