Anti-age Moisturizing creme 50 ml

An absolutely lovely yellow and rich cream designed to keep the skin youthful and smooth and to reduce the signs of aging that have already appeared. We chose for this luxus cream e.g. rosehip, sea buckthorn and tamanu oil, which treat and renew the skin effectively. The wild herbs of Lapland's nightless night, nettle, common horsetail and bergenia used in the creme nourish the skin with numerous minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that slow down the signs of aging. Also suitable for younger skin. Makes the skin look nourished and radiant, accelerates the metabolism and helps keep the skin more elastic. Recommended for use as a night cream after a shower or for dry skin as needed.

Luxus cream! 

Vegan, water-free and additive-free 

Store the product below +25 degrees, protected from the sun.

34.90 €